Hello and welcome to ModernHanafuda.net

My name is Sarah Thomas and this is a blog about my Modern Hanafuda journey. Some of you are visiting for the first time while others of you are my oh so fancy backers from my successful Kickstarter page. Welcome all around!

On this site you will find history about the deck, my process, a behind the scenes view at the Kickstarter, a store where you can buy (more) decks, and other fantastic things! The site is still a bit rusty but check back soon for more updates!


About the Designer

Currently I live in California but have lived in Oregon, Japan and Washington State. I am a huge nerd by default which bleeds into my writings. By day I am an architectural designer and you can read more about that over at wanderingarchitect.com. By night I am an avid gamer with a particular passion in board games.

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Hi! Where can I buy a deck of your Hanafuda cards? Is it only sold online or can I purchase them at a local retail store? I live outside of Portand, Oregon. Terri

The decks come with rules and I’ve uploaded a text version. There’s still more work to be done (like adding images for the Winning Hands). Hopefully that helps for now.

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