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…the cards of November!

Hello my lovely backers (and Kickstarter lurkers)!

It is super exciting to see that Modern Hanafuda is getting very near the 1/2 funded mark! In celebration, I thought I would show you what I’ve been working on these past few days. Specifically, the cards of November. (Please note: I am still working out a few kinks with this suit so bare with me as I add the details. Also, the final design will not have the watermark).

The month of November is known as shimotsuki (霜月) or “The Month of Frost.” The suit is represented by the willow plant and is sometimes called the rain suit due to the special storm card (far right) within the set. Personally, I love this suit because it has some really cool historical imagery.

Take for instance the dapper man with the umbrella. That man is Ono no Michikaze, also known as Ono no Tofu. He is an important calligrapher from theHeian period and is credited for creating a style of calligraphy known as wayōshodō (和様書道)There is even a little heartwarming story about Ono no Tofu and the jumping frog, which you can read over at this fine internet establishment.

Anyhow, a short but sweet update for you fine folks. Hope you enjoyed the new art! Until next time!



(Lovingly lifted from the Backers Update panel on Kickstarter)

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