A Functional Store

Hello and welcome to the new Modern Hanafuda website!

“New?” you ask questioningly.

Alright, so it might not look different on the home page but if you click all those lovely links above this post, you will find that they have been populated with great little goodies including a brand new Store!

Fair warning, I have only opened up the store for poster and art print orders for the time being. You can either click the following link: or the bright red store button at the top/center of your page. At this point, I will not be offering signed artwork but might open that option up for the framed art pieces in the future.

Also note, that the cards have not been put up for sale yet as I am still working with my manufacturer on the final product. Once I have a confirmed ship date, I will put up an order option for those of your who missed out on the Kickstarter. Thanks for checking in and I hope you enjoy the new store!