Printing in Progess

Hello world!

It’s amazing to think that 2 months ago my project was 100% funded here on Kickstarter through the support of my lovely 399 backers. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to run a small art business, how to set up multiple large scale print orders, networking with other artist, advertising, marketing… the works! It’s been a roller coaster of a process and I’d like to share with you some good, some “bad,” and some exciting news.

First, the good news: Right now, all the card art, posters and the like are at the printers. For those curious, I’m having my cards printed from the fine folks at: The printers are currently, and meticulously, looking over my files and sending me digital and physical proofs to make sure that all the colors turn out fantastic, the linen finish glosses just-so, the size and weight of each card feels just right, and the line work from my drawings come out clear and crisp.

Also, the instruction rough draft has been compiled and completed and has been sent out to be proofed and printed. As this is my first time writing game mechanics for others to follow, the rules took much longer to write than expected. Hopefully the extra time will translate into easy to follow and concise rules on how to play one of my favorite hanafuda games called Koi Koi.

Second, the “bad” news: I expect to hear back from the manufacturers soon, but as I have requested physical proofs the printing will take 1-2 weeks longer to produce. This means that the estimated March reward delivery is a bit off and will most likely occur in April and early May depending on where you live. I will know more on this again, once I hear back from the manufacturers.

A quick note before moving to the exciting news- Some of you have been gracious enough to provide changes of address as a fair amount of time has passed from when you filled out your backer surveys. Once I have all the rewards compiled, sorted, and stamped, I will be making one last call for changes of address before I send out the final rewards. Note: I will only be updating shipping information and not rewards.

Finally, the exciting news: I present to you the beginnings of a website: While it’s still in its infancy stage, I wanted to let you know that you will be able to purchase more decks and posters through this web portal. My goal is to make sure that all the Kickstarter orders for my backers are shipped first. Then and only after the last poster is in the mail, will I be opening up the store for general or additional poster/deck consumption. There may even be more schwag to come but that, my lovely backers, is a tale for another post.


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